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DECA has applied this infrastructure in Ater Roma, the territorial residential building company of the Municipality of Rome, which counts 50,000 accommodations, 1,500,000 square metres of green space, 30,000 trees, 1,500,000 square metres of external space, about 200,000 inhabitants and thousands of heating systems. DECA manages all the greenery of Ater, and thanks to Welcome2© has been able to bring significant improvements in green activities. This contract provides an example on a significant scale that can be considered as a national reference model.Thanks to the Welcome2© platform, DECA has been able to optimize the entire management of interventions in the field, employees work autonomously and send reports (with photographs) everyday; the tenants of the buildings have found an increase in the quality of activities compared to the work carried out by previous companies (which did not use Welcome2©). 
DECA’s Ater project also provides a study of the best vegetation to be planted, or replaced, by virtue of their capacity to absorb co2 and fine particulate matter, the CNR will carry out calculations of ecosystem services, calculation of BVOVs, organic compounds and impoundment of pollutants. The open areas for about one hectare will be designed and upgraded as a scale model of the “ideal smart green city”, constantly monitoring its balance thanks to the 4.0 technologies offered by Welcome2©.
The integrated system that you want to create will provide a tool for 360° governance of the territory, will be scalable and expandable indefinitely thanks to Welcome2©’s ontological system that will allow the users to create new objects and link them to contracts and the resulting operational activities.
The patented system for green maintenance of the Welcome2© platform will be at the centre of the project, to which sensors and control units will be connected within the territory, as well as smartphones of operators and possibly citizens. 

All data will be available and historicized, also in graphical representations (DWG, GIS) and summarized in the control panel of the control room of the Entity, and possibly published on the portal of the citizen. 
These data will be the knowledge base to guide administrative action towards maximum energy efficiency and towards the realization of a zero-emission Ater system. The Welcome2© platform is able to manage any kind of information deriving from building complexes: green management, waste production, energy consumption, boiler efficiency, plant maintenance etc.

  • Reuse and recycling, with the purpose of an efficient circular economy
  • Sustainability
  • Resilience
  • Increased biodiversity
  • Energy saving
  • Water saving
  • Reducing the use of plant protection products
  • Greenhouse gas reduction
  • Correct use of technology


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